Are there Flamingos in Guardamar?

So, the Costa Blanca might not spring to mind when it comes to pink Flamingos right?

But there are Flamingos that can be spotted throughout the year just outside of Guardamar del Segura.

The Flamingos can be seen in the vast salt lakes that surround Guardamar and neighbouring towns.

Flamingos in Guardamar del Segura

The most common place to see the Flamingos is as you pass down the N-332 motorway as you go past Santa Pola. This is the direction of Alicante airport and is very common to see the Flamingos out on the salt lakes as you pass.

As you pass down the N-332 you will notice the large mounds of salt which is collected from the salt flats all year round.

The best place to stop and look at the birds is as you pass the Bras del Port S.A which can be found here.

Guardamar Flamingos

Guardamar Salt Flats

The local Flamingos of Guardamar have provided inspiration for our latest logo redesign which draws inspiration from the natural birds.

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